Fix subsequent builds and remove gantt chart

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- npm i
- npm run build
- out/
- node_modules/
- echo "$BUILDER_KEY" > sshkey
- git remote remove origin_ssh | true
- git remote add origin_ssh
- GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -i sshkey" git push origin_ssh master
- rm sshkey
dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD
title Adding GANTT diagram functionality to mermaid
section A section
Completed task :done, des1, 2014-01-06,2014-01-08
Active task :active, des2, 2014-01-09, 3d
Future task : des3, after des2, 5d
Future task2 : des4, after des3, 5d
section Critical tasks
Completed task in the critical line :crit, done, 2014-01-06,24h
Implement parser and jison :crit, done, after des1, 2d
Create tests for parser :crit, active, 3d
Future task in critical line :crit, 5d
Create tests for renderer :2d
Add to mermaid :1d
section Documentation
Describe gantt syntax :active, a1, after des1, 3d
Add gantt diagram to demo page :after a1 , 20h
Add another diagram to demo page :doc1, after a1 , 48h
section Last section
Describe gantt syntax :after doc1, 3d
Add gantt diagram to demo page : 20h
Add another diagram to demo page : 48h
"name": "rajsat3",
"version": "1.0.0",
"main": "index.js",
"scripts": {
"build": "mkdir out ; mermaid gantt.txt -s -o out"
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""
"author": "",
"license": "UNLICENSED",
"dependencies": {
"mermaid": "^6.0.0",
"phantomjs": "^2.1.7"
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