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RAJsat4 is a satellite developed for the european finals of CanSat competition held by European Space Agency ESA developed by Czech team from radioclubs OK1RAJ and OK1KVK.
The whole probe is made out of PCBs, including its outer structure, which is covered with solar panels. It's smart construction makes the probe resistant and easy to repair.
Main features include long range data transmission, low power consumption and easy operating.
### Sensor-rich system
RAJsat4 is 'stuffed' with sensors and detectors measuring different constants and variables of the environment it is exposed to.
When fully loaded, it is capable of measuring air pollution, Beta & Gama radiation, humidity and temperature.
After landing, RAJsat4 will measure the surface resistance, which can be used to deduce the surface, RAJsat4 will have landed on.
### #Tracked
Equipped with army-precise GPS location chip uBlox MAX-M8C RAJsat4 is capable of measuring accurate GPS position and transmitting the data to the ground station.
Using I2C sensors of internal pressure and temperature and analog measurements of battery, solar panel and processor voltage, RAJsat4 provides it's complete status, allowing easy troubleshooting.
The descent of the probe will be recorded by a HD camera placed on the bottom of the probe, being something like a BlackBox.
### Soooo long
2-phase RTTY modulation allows RAJsat4 to transmit measured data over long distances using just a couple miliWatts. Tested range is 300km.
The reason RAJsat4 is capable of this is maximally thin modulation, which reduces the necessary power to such extremes.
### Well charged
8 solar panels surrounding the probe are capable of keping the battery charged and keep the probe running for long time.
High-capacity Li-Pol batteries of total capacity of 1500mAh ensure long service time, in case of no sunlight.
### In case something goes wrong
Based on our experience, we developed a water-proof 3.5MHz emergency transmitter, which is capable of pointing the recovery team of the probe the right direction.
### Original
PCBs of RAJsat4 have been designed by our team using advanced design tools and professionally fused just for this purpose, which significantly decreases used space and helps to avoid mistakes.
### Easy peasy
Programming RAJsat4, reading and presenting the captured data was made so easy, almost everyone could do it!
Micro USB connector allows easy charging, programming and reading debug data.
Custom-made web interface, available at []( can provide live status of the probe during the descent. For this cause we developed an Android app RAJsat4 which will be soon available on Google Play Store.
### It makes sense!
This probe was developed with intention not only to represent the Czech Republic at the european finals of the CanSat competition,
but also for further usage in projects like balloon probes RAJx.
Mainly, we wanted to develop a probe that would be something more than just a can that falls down on a chute, so that it would be possible to use our work somewhere else, e.g. in real space projects.
### links
RAJsat website [](
Facebook OK1RAJ [](
Radioclub OK1RAJ website [](
CanSat official website (
![RAJsat logo](other/RAJsat-logo-HEX.png)
![RAJsat block diagram](other/RAJsat4-block-diagram.png)
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