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Synchronizovány soubory z MEGY

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cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )"
MEGAGET="megaget -u $EMAIL -p $PASSWORD --reload"
function dwn() {
rm -f $1.brd $1.sch
$MEGAGET $1$2.brd
mv $1$2.brd $1.brd
$MEGAGET $1$2.sch
mv $1$2.sch $1.sch
if [ ! -f $1.brd ] ; then git checkout $1.brd ; fi
if [ ! -f $1.sch ] ; then git checkout $1.sch ; fi
dwn ControlUnit _v4.0
dwn CoverBottom _v4.0
dwn CoverTop _v4.0
dwn ETX _v4.0
dwn Modules _v4.0
dwn PowerUnit _v4.0
dwn SolarPanel_A _v4.0
dwn SolarPanel_B _v4.0
git add .
git commit -am "Synchronizovány soubory z MEGY"
cd ..
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