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Soo far daleko, long je dlouhý...

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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Equipped with army-precise GPS location chip uBlox MAX-M8C RAJsat4 is capable of
Using I2C sensors of internal pressure and temperature and analog measurements of battery, solar panel and processor voltage, RAJsat4 provides it's complete status, allowing easy troubleshooting.
The descent of the probe will be recorded by a HD camera placed on the bottom of the probe, being something like a BlackBox, the video will be safely stored on a separate micro SD card.
### Soooo long
### Soooo far
2-phase RTTY modulation allows RAJsat4 to transmit measured data over long distances, using just a couple miliwatts. Tested range is 300km.
The reason RAJsat4 is capable of this, is maximally thin modulation, which reduces the required power supply to such extremes.
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