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<img src="other/RAJsat-logo-HEX.png" width="300" align="right">
RAJsat4 is a satellite developed for the european finals of CanSat competition held by European Space Agency ESA developed by Czech team from radioclubs OK1RAJ and OK1KVK.
The whole probe is made out of PCBs, including its outer structure, which is covered with solar panels. It's smart construction makes the probe resistant and easy to repair.
Main features include long range data transmission, low power consumption and easy operating.
......@@ -37,8 +39,6 @@ but also for further usage in projects like balloon probes RAJx.
Mainly, we wanted to develop a probe that would be something more than just a can that falls down on a chute, so that it would be possible to use our work somewhere else, e.g. in real space projects.
<img src="other/RAJsat-logo-HEX.png" width="300">
![RAJsat block diagram](other/RAJsat4-block-diagram.png)
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