Commit 906ce153 authored by Ondřej Kučera's avatar Ondřej Kučera
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parent 241d0a93
......@@ -6472,6 +6472,7 @@
<rectangle x1="48.245" y1="90.625" x2="48.625" y2="90.635" layer="22" rot="R180"/>
<rectangle x1="45.205" y1="90.625" x2="47.865" y2="90.635" layer="22" rot="R180"/>
<text x="0" y="-0.05" size="0.02" layer="200" font="vector">C:/Users/oktkas/Downloads/qrcode (2).bmp</text>
<text x="44.91" y="36.55" size="0.8128" layer="25" font="vector" ratio="15" rot="R225" align="center">JLCJLCJLCJLC</text>
<library name="SparkFun-LED">
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