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Routing, routing...

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE eagle SYSTEM "eagle.dtd">
<eagle version="7.5.0">
<eagle version="7.2.0">
<setting alwaysvectorfont="no"/>
......@@ -20129,7 +20129,7 @@ Source: coiltronics_dr_series.pdf</description>
<attribute name="P_NUMBER" value="E14B0210P"/>
<attribute name="STUDENT" value="Martin Vitek"/>
<attribute name="TITLE" value="BenQ MP622c interface"/>
<attribute name="VER" value="1204"/>
<attribute name="VER" value="1207"/>
<attribute name="YEAR" value="2016"/>
<part name="GND9" library="supply1" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
......@@ -21477,9 +21477,9 @@ Programming</text>
<pinref part="R2" gate="G$1" pin="2"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="PC1(ADC1)"/>
<wire x1="121.92" y1="91.44" x2="124.46" y2="91.44" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="124.46" y="91.44" size="1.27" layer="95" xref="yes"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="PD3(INT1)"/>
<wire x1="121.92" y1="63.5" x2="124.46" y2="63.5" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="124.46" y="63.5" size="1.27" layer="95" xref="yes"/>
<net name="!MCP2515_RESET" class="0">
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