Commit bceff3aa authored by Isabella Skořepová's avatar Isabella Skořepová

Allow to specify baseurl as argument

parent 73db70c7
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......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ var options = cli.parse({
themedir: [null, 'Allows to specify arbitrary content directory.', 'string', 'theme'],
builddir: [null, 'Allows to specify arbitrary content directory.', 'string', null],
staticdir: [null, 'Allows to specify arbitrary directory for static files.', 'string', 'static'],
baseurl: [null, 'BaseURL without trailing /', 'string', ''],
debugarticle: [null, 'Article for which extra information should be printed out. Full file path '+
'relative to contentdir (Ex. articles/2010/','string', null]
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