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One of The Best PvP Games That You Can Download at Our Android App Store

The EMERGENCY HQ is the tactical simulation game which lets you play as an emergency firefighter commander who manages and deploys troubleshooting units to help keep the victims safe in disasters.
EMERGENCY HQ is a new part of the exclusive series EMERGENCY. This is the firefighter game that comes from the Promotion Software Gmbh developer. EMERGENCY HQ might be one of the best simulation games
about rescuing.
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In this game, you play as the chief of the city's fire service, you not only command units but also take charge of managing and operating the capabilities of the four emergency rescue services. Your task is to help
everyone survive and be safe when the accident occurs.
Race against time, save the survivor in EMERGENCY HQ
In EMERGENCY HQ, you will be commanding firefighters, doctors, engineers and many other units in a myriad of thrilling, real-time missions. Build your base and gather the elite emergency rescue team. Mobilize
the help of all groups including the fire department, rescue service, police department and specialized agency to complete the dangerous tasks.
Set up your headquarters and become the best rescue leader. Your facility includes a fire department, a hospital and many more.
What is your job in EMERGENCY HQ
Handling of accidents
Adjust the police unit to arrest the criminals, urgently ask emergency medical staff to bring the wounded to the hospital and mobilize firefighters to extinguish fires. You will need to use all the skills to ensure that
all survivors are alive. That is the main task and mission of the player in this game.
Deal with the situation of turbulent in a smart way
To do that, you will need to make the right decisions in time. When should firefighters extinguish the fire or what is the right time to connect pipes and faucets to increase fire suppression efficiency? Who needs
medical care first? Can the engineer destroy the bomb in time and do you have to retreat before the bomb explodes? 
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The decision belongs to you! Try to overcome all the challenges in the game.
The graphic is the highlight in EMERGENCY HQ. Everything is in 3D with sharp details. Features of the game EMERGENCY HQ for Android
Diverse tasks and challenges on a detailed map.
Many special, dedicated facilities of all emergency services.
Control of many units including firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel and engineers.
Upgrading buildings and units.
Show off your skills as a leader, against other players in the tournament.
Join forces with other players, forming a rescue coalition, create a guild.
Have your units participate in supportive and monetized tasks, replacing them when they are not working to make them recover.
Your goal is to make sure that all survivors are safe.
Become a hero, make sure the victim is safe
The EMERGENCY HQ game allows people to download and play for free, but some items in the game can only be used if purchased with real money.
The game needs an good internet connection when playing.
Putting a finishing line..
Download and play the free EMERGENCY HQ game right now and show yourself as a good commander and experienced rescuer.
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