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Initial commit

QMAKE := qmake-qt5
build: dserial-cli/ dserial-protocol/ build-dserial-server/Makefile
cd build-dserial-server && make qmake && make
cd dserial-cli && make
build-dserial-server/Makefile: dserial-server/
mkdir -p build-dserial-server && cd build-dserial-server && $(QMAKE) ../dserial-server/
install: dserial-cli/ dserial-protocol/ dserial-server/
cd dserial-cli && make install
cd build-dserial-server && make install
git push
cd dserial-cli && git push
cd dserial-protocol && git push
cd dserial-server && git push
git clone $(BASE_URL)%.git
# DSerial Project
DSerial Project is collection of programs written in various programming languages which implement
client-server serial interface using D-Bus as their transport layer.
## How to install
This repository was created to be simple hub for installing dserial-* from source
Dependencies (Fedora):
readline-devel vala
qt5-qtbase-devel qt5-qtserialport-devel
Build commands
sudo make install
For quickstart see [Readme of dserial-cli](dserial-cli/
## Projects (git modules of this repo)
- dserial-cli - CLI interface to DSerial server
- dserial-server - server-side implementation of DSerial protocol
- dserial-protocol - not application but protocol specification and documentation
## Why client-server architecture
Because sometimes you need multiple applications communicating with same device at the time (ex: programmer and terminal)
Client server architecture also allows us to have non-interactive CLI with persistent connection and settings.
## License
For licensing terms see individual repos.
Here is summary:
- dserial-protocol CC-0
- dserial-server LGPL3+
- dserial-cli GPL3+
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